Professional training

Professional training

Operational training

We have developed a pedagogy based on the transmission of theoretical knowledge, of course, but also and above all on the tools and operational methods that enable you to ask yourself the right questions so that you can quickly and effectively take action on your own.

An innovative formula

The main objective of our formula is to enable you to benefit from the latest practices and innovations specific to your functions, and to acquire the operational knowledge you need to develop your skills, differentiate yourself and create value!

Affordable training

Rates adapted to the current context, so that the financial investment linked to training is not a hindrance but an opportunity for companies of all sizes! No long-term commitment… No fixed course. Short formats to suit your schedule and budget…

A collaborative network

Training at La Coque means becoming part of a unique network by taking part in events (conferences, trade fairs, etc.) linked to your function and creating links between companies in the same sector… It means contributing to the dynamics of networks, which, through collective intelligence, can accelerate the transition process…

Find out more about our training programs

Three essential, cross-disciplinary and complementary themes (HR, CSR, Management), innovative in the region, so that each and every one of you can benefit from quality training, delivered by the best local experts. No need to go to Paris! La Coque offers a varied and comprehensive range of courses (60 modules) in Marseille and soon in Aix, as well as distance learning to adapt to new ways of working…

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Our formats

Coq N'Talk
20 partipants maximum
Format : lunch
Price: €5 excluding VAT (excluding lunch)
Discovery and awareness

5 participants minimum
Format : half-day
Prices from €99 ex-VAT for distance learning and €129 ex-VAT for classroom sessions
Workshop: tools and methods

5 participants minimum
Format : 1 day
Price: €590 plus VAT
Covered by OPCOs

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Why do training?

First and foremost, professional training is an easy way to move into new roles. They’ll give you greater responsibility. Take your training in Marseille at La Coque, right in the heart of the business district! Corporate Social Responsibility, Management, Human Resources, train around these themes today. Gain new skills, put them to good use and improve yourself! Our professional training courses are designed for adults looking to acquire new skills. Take advantage of training organization funding! OPCOs help to promote professional transitions by covering the cost of your training courses. Contact us to find out how you can benefit.

Get your professional training at La Coque!

La Coque supports local companies with three professional training programs. All our training courses are innovative and value-added, tailored to your needs. La Coque offers over 60 modules led by a community of 25 recognized experts. As a result, our training programs will enable you to rapidly upgrade your skills and adapt more easily to changes in business, markets and professions. What’s more, our classrooms and equipment provide participants with a quality working atmosphere: connected video projectors, interactive screens, flipcharts, etc. What’s more, La Coque is easily accessible by public transport, with plenty of parking nearby! What are you waiting for to do your professional training in Marseille?

How do our professional training courses work?

Our professional training sessions are offered in two formats. A short format (half-day) that enables you to acquire basic knowledge and techniques on a given subject. The second is a longer format (one day) to deepen your understanding of the subject. We welcome you in a friendly, fully-equipped space with digital tools. You’ll benefit from top-quality speakers and experts. Discover the three programs we offer: Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Ressources Humaines. All our training courses can also be delivered by distance learning.

Professional training in Marseille

First of all, the Coque team realized that it was difficult to get training in this beautiful southern region. Why go to Paris when there are already so many experts in Marseille and the surrounding area? With the Lab. CSR, the lab. HR et de l’IRCE, la Coque has become our new training center. Find out more about our management, CSR and HR courses. Our value-added training courses combine innovation, digital technology and operational skills. So, what are you waiting for to carry out your professional training in Marseille and acquire new skills?