Team La Coque

“Expertise, listening, benevolence, dynamism, inventiveness, modernity, versatility but each with his own speciality … this is what defines the La Coque team“.

Chti by birth but Marseillais by adoption for the past 35 years, I studied at Kedge…I’m a committed, caring person who invests in his territory and helps it to be at the top in terms of digital and events.
My passions are sport, art and the sea…I’m served in Marseille.
I’m a communicator and a person who comes from the digital world…and somehow La Coque is the culmination of my investment in the region, now let’s speed it up!

Having lived in Marseille for over 10 years now, I’ve been warmly welcomed by this magnificent Mediterranean city. I’ve developed a particular sensitivity to diversity, originality, the fusion of cultures, and the creation of unique stories.

I’m passionate about human interaction, encounters and the art of communication in all its forms. Today, I’m enthusiastic about putting my experience to good use in this dynamic region of Marseille and the surrounding area!

So, let’s talk!

Born in the beautiful Provence region of France, I draw my energy from the sun, music and dance. My nature is that of a curious, daring and determined person, and at a crucial moment in my career, I felt the need to discover life abroad. This extraordinary experience enriched me, and over the years I have accumulated a wide variety of experiences in the associative, academic and entrepreneurial fields. It was then that I realized that working in the events industry was my calling. I’d be delighted to accompany you on this adventure!

As a lover of nature, sports and gastronomy, I’m a person who enjoys life to the full, combining energy and joie de vivre! As a recent graduate in communications and event management, I particularly enjoy being hands-on, responding to your needs and bringing your ideas to life. For me, the key to a successful event lies in complete support, from the first contact upstream, through attentive listening throughout the planning process, right up to your feedback on the big day. As you’ll have gathered, I enjoy customer relations immensely, although perhaps not as much as I enjoy French fries, a personality trait that probably reflects my origins in Lille…

Originally from the United States and living in Aix-en-Provence since 2010, I’m currently doing a work-study program at One XPerience to earn my Master’s degree in “Brand Strategy & Content Manager”. My goal within the company is to put my creativity and event management skills to good use, by taking up the position of Communications and Event Manager.

I describe myself as creative, dynamic and cheerful. These professional experiences are of great importance to me, as they have helped to nurture my passion for event management.

As a member of the One XPerience team, I wear many hats with passion. My main role is to bring exceptional events to life while developing powerful communication strategies. My love of travel has enabled me to draw on diverse cultures to bring a unique touch to your projects. Outside the professional world, I gallop around the globe in search of inspiration, combining my passion for horseback riding and travel. Let me guide you into a world where every experience becomes a memorable adventure!

As I like to discover and acquire new knowledge, I decided to continue my studies after obtaining my bachelor’s degree. The events sector has always attracted me, which is why I went on to study for a Master’s degree in “Event Project Management”. Thanks to One XPerience, I was able to combine my master’s degree with my professional life to learn more about the field. I’m curious, dynamic, smiling and diligent in everything I do. As I’ve been well trained by my colleagues, I’m sure I’ll be able to respond to your various requests with a smile and a willingness to listen 😉

Having recently joined the One XPerience team as a work-study student in events and communications, I stand out for my cheerful personality, my creative spirit and my passion for human contact. My ambition as part of the team is to come up with innovative ideas and memorable events at La Coque and Carrefour de l’Innovation. I thrive on challenges, and project management is at the top of my priorities, along with the ultimate goal of satisfying our customers while honing my skills. I’m ready to take on these challenges and I’m determined to create outstanding experiences!

A new member of the One XPerience team, I’m passionate about sunshine, travel and adventure. I’m currently in my 3rd year of a Marketing Techniques degree, and have a particular love for communication in all its forms! With my boundless creativity, optimistic vision and meticulous attention to detail, I’m committed to bringing a personal touch to every project. It’s with great joy that I embark on the One XPerience adventure, ready to take on any challenge with enthusiasm. See you soon for more exciting adventures!