The BIM room on video !

Characteristics of the BIM room

The immersive BIM room is equipped with a 3D laser video-projector, 20 pairs of 3D glasses, a 360° HTC AR/VR helmet and the 3D model standard for the building and BIM industry.

Space: 62m2

Prices: From 85€ HT/ hour * or from 40€ HT/person**


Capacity :

What is a BIM room ?

First of all, it seems obvious to define the term BIM, which comes from the English: Building Information Modeling, which translates into French as “modélisation de l’information du bâtiment”. Therefore, a BIM room can be used to represent infrastructure projects. These projects are represented by parametric digital models, a 3D format displaying virtual plans including networks. The  immersive BIM room allows you to share information throughout the development of your building, neighbourhood or territory projects, from design to demolition and maintenance. Thanks to the digital mock-up, realistically represent the physical and functional characteristics of your infrastructure(s).

Book your BIM room ?

You have an infrastructure construction project (building, equipment, neighbourhood, city, territory…) and wish to use BIM technology to immerse your users (employees, citizens, customers…) in the project? Take advantage of our immersive BIM room and our 3D glasses to benefit from an augmented reality of your infrastructure projects. Our space offers public and private players a very high-tech tool for the realisation and maintenance of projects while respecting a sustainable, responsible and innovative approach. This collaborative space will welcome project managers, project owners, companies and local authorities in the region! Fill in our reservation form and we will reply to you within 24/48 hours!

A BIM room open to all companies !

At La Coque, we started from the observation that it was difficult for companies, architects and local authorities to reserve a BIM room for their construction or property development projects. The major advantage of our BIM room is that it is available to all companies and local authorities. Indeed, most BIM rooms belong to large groups in the construction industry and do not allow other companies to access them. At La Coque, all you have to do is book the BIM room and that’s it! A technician can be made available to provide technical support throughout your project.

BIM room in Marseille

 Master your design methods and add value to your project with the help of our BIM room in Marseille! Located in a district undergoing rapid transformation, it is the ideal tool for imagining and conceptualising your infrastructure projects!  Book the BIM room in Marseille now and build the buildings, district, city… of tomorrow! Easily accessible, our location is right in the middle of Marseille’s new business district, Euroméditerranée. Motorways, tramway, metro and car park are nearby.