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The showroom is a plot, composed of a touch screen to introduce your solution and a space to store your product. Visitors will thus have the opportunity to discover your innovation at events, seminars and trade fairs.

Our exhibitors

The invisible RFID thread

Primo 1D markets a wired RFID tag that can be integrated into clothing to identify and trace merchandise. It also makes it possible to carry out inventories very quickly as well as the authentication of your merchandise. A true technological innovation, a miniature solution with a low carbon footprint !

Industrial performance and IOT

Ineo-Sense develops solutions for identifying, locating and inventorying areas in order to optimise production flows. The product also offers you the possibility of optimising your usage rates as well as your loss rates. An agile and reliable solution that can be adapted to any equipment.

Energy performance

Engie has developed several IOT solutions for B2B and B2C. Axima is a software that allows the valorisation of the energy data of buildings and their diffusion to the technical and commercial teams. Vertuoz is a stand-alone solution to manage energy consumption via your smartphone.


Making your city smart

Jaguar network offers two IOT solutions, Smart city and Spectrum. The Smart City solution is a tool for developing the intelligent city of tomorrow. Pollution sensor, on-board camera and many others… The Spectrum solution allows the prevention of fire starting in companies.


Armoury automation

STID Electronic has developed an armoury management solution using RFID technology. It allows to computerise and automate the management of the armoury in order to manage the traceability of weapons and equipment. Equipment losses and thefts are avoided to this extent.

Geothermal power plant

Thassalia has developed a geothermal power plant to provide heating and cooling for the entire Euromed district. This plant uses sea water to cool or heat the systems. This energy solution is made up of 70% renewable energy sources allowing a 65% reduction in water consumption.


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