Organize a team workshop

A team workshop is a working meeting where the team collaborates and discusses collectively on a given theme. It is often an exchange between a multidisciplinary team and a facilitator who manages the meeting. Each person brings his or her vision, opinion and experience on a subject. A report is usually made during the session and sent to the company’s management.

La Coque, the right place for your workshop

Rent an atypical meeting room to organize your team workshop. A place like La Coque will certainly stimulate everyone’s creativity. We have fully equipped rooms that can be adapted to suit your needs. Overhead projectors, flipchart, touch screen, all the equipment can eventually be put at your disposal. Good coffee may also be available to stimulate all your participants !

Why hold a Workshop?

There are many reasons to organize a workshop for your working group.

  • To train and inform your work team
  •  Solve problems with everyone’s expertise
  •  Involve your entire team in the decision-making process
  •  Finding innovative ideas with everyone’s creativity.

Organize your Workshop

For any information about our workshops, please fill in your request through our dedicated contact form!


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