TV Studio and Video Capture

La Coque has developed a range of video and related services over the last 3 years. Thus we are able to capture events in all formats and for all sectors of activity…whether live or recorded, live, hybrid or remote. From the simplest formula in mono-camera or multi-camera, to the most elaborate in multi-studios with TV sets, La Coque adapts to the complexity of your event.

As the covid19 health crisis has led to a change in usage, we have reinvented ourselves through complementary video/TV services, notably by integrating video, digital and live to offer you interactive and collaborative moments…. thus La Coque has become a TV/video multi-studios that you can privatise using our equipment and/or your own

Our equipment

  • 4 simultaneous video TV studios/platforms, vmix IP video control rooms with directors and technicians.
  • Automatic HD PTZ cameras, 4K/8K cameras with cameramen. Prompters, LED or LCD screens for presentation and broadcasting.
  • Sound equipment: Mixing desk with Sennheiser HF microphones, tie microphones, and/or headsets.
  • Green chromakey backgrounds or studio decors (light or dark background, plant, wood, HD screens, etc.)
  • LED light pack for studios, conferences, green backgrounds, etc. (panels, frescoes, etc.). Furniture for TV sets: studio furniture, high tables, stools/high chairs, sofas…
  • Tools for broadcasting live or delayed video recordings on social networks
  • Very high-speed corporate fibre optic internet connection with a speed of 10 GB/Gb

Make your events on video

Record and broadcast your video live at La Coque!

You can make up to four broadcasts/recordings simultaneously. Broadcast live streaming thanks to our 10 gigabytes of internet access or record under live conditions. We have broadcasting tools at our disposal to retransmit your recordings on social networks and/or on collaborative tools such as zoom, teams, cisco webex meeting, google meeting, livestorm…

Discover our virtual exhibition

!La Coque has even developed its own virtual event solution, offering the same dynamism and interactivity as a traditional event (seminar, training, convention, conference…). In this way, we enable your employees and/or invited partners (spectators) to meet your speakers and/or presenters, while offering them the same collaborative tools as in a face-to-face setting: creativity workshops, polls, whiteboards, voting, brainstorming (post-it), powerpoint presentations, video…but each one from his or her own home or company!

Shoot in the best conditions!

At La Coque, in the heart of Euroméditerranée in the centre of Marseille, you will be able to organise and broadcast your events! We have all the necessary video, sound and internet equipment to broadcast your event / programme live or recorded, similar to a TV production. We also have partnerships with local and national media such as La Tribune, Made In Marseille, La Provence, MProvence,…to maximise the broadcasting of your programme, conference, seminar, trade show,…recorded, live or recorded in phygital.

All our furniture will also enable you to organise your recording in the best conditions for your live, virtual or hybrid events.


A 100% flexible solution

Our solution enables a new format of face-to-face and online events, bringing all the interactivity of a face-to-face event and the production of a professional live broadcast, designed to entertain, inform and involve viewers (guests and/or collaborators).

We offer you a user-oriented experience as in traditional events, allowing you to innovate also in virtual events, creating a new unique and immersive experience.

What are the formats?

Your events can be workshops, trainings, seminars, conferences, keynotes, roadshows, demonstrations (showroom), trade shows, business or networking meetings,…face-to-face, virtual or hybrid…you can broadcast them to a large audience in order to open the event to an unlimited number of participants / viewers. Our services are carried out from our studios at La Coque in Marseille or throughout France. Participants and speakers can be in person at La Coque or remotely anywhere in France or abroad with an internet connection and a webcam.

NEW ! Broadcast your event on video on our virtual exhibition platform Oneforum.

Book our studios to make your virtual or face-to-face event on video!

For any information about our studio, please fill in your request through our dedicated contact form!


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