Reserve your space to organise your training courses

La Coque offers you its spaces to organise your training sessions with your employees. Several rooms are at your disposal depending on the number of participants. Overhead projectors, interactive screens, flipcharts… All the equipment will be at your disposal to ensure that your training sessions take place in the best possible way. At La Coque, everything is possible! The spaces can be modulated to your taste and personalised with your logo on our LED screens.

What is vocational training ?

Vocational training is a learning process that enables an employee to acquire new knowledge to enable him/her to perform new tasks within the company. Vocational training is at the heart of companies’ economic challenges. For companies, it is a major lever of competitiveness enabling them to adapt quickly to economic changes. For employees, it is a real opportunity to upgrade their skills and also to ensure their mobility.

La Coque also offers its professional training courses!

Three essential, cross-cutting and complementary themes (HR, CSR, Management), innovative in the region so that each of you can benefit from quality training, provided by the best local experts. No more need to go to Paris! La Coque offers a varied and complete range of courses (60 modules) in Marseille and soon in Aix-en-Provence, but also at a distance to adapt to new forms of work…


Organise your training courses !

For any information about booking our rooms, please fill in your request through our dedicated contact form !


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