Open Innovation

What is Open Innovation?

Open innovation, translated in French as “open innovation” or “distributed innovation”, is a set of sharing and collaboration techniques that aims to increase the deployment of innovation within a work group. Open innovation can also be decompartmentalized and opened up to other players outside the company in order to cross views and experiences.

Organise your Open Innovation !

Are you looking for an ideal space to think and innovate as a group? Do you want to co-innovate with a company? At La Coque, everything is possible! Modular spaces, in the heart of the business centre, networked with the biggest players and a real showcase for innovation in the region, you’re not in the wrong place! So contact us now to organise your Open Innovation.

The benefits of open innovation

The benefits of Open Innovation are numerous, in fact, innovation with several people allows you to encourage the creativity of your employees. In addition to this, your company’s ability to innovate will be stimulated to create ever more innovative products. Within your company itself, the repercussions will be numerous: communication between your employees will become more and more efficient, your teams will be federated.

Find our latest open innovation photos

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Organise your open innovation !

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