La Coque is a 426 m² , event venue composed of 5 spaces.

Autonomous Space

This space has a 6x3m screen with laser video-projector connected in wifi/HDMI, 3 3 55” screens and 1 70” screen.1.

Space: 250m22

Prices: from 190€ HT/ hour *or from 40€ HT/person **

Capacity :    

BIM area

This space is equipped with a VP laser with 6x3m white wall projection and wifi connection.

It also benefits from a 3D VP, 20 pairs of 3D glasses, 1 HTC AR/VR 360° helmet and the 3D modeling standard for the building and industrial sector: BIM for Building Information Modelin

Space: 62m2

Prices: from 85€ HT/ hour * or from 40€ HT/person **



Autonomous Space x BIM

A partition separates the Autonomous room from the BIM room. Once the partition is removed, we have a space with all the technical equipment at our disposal.

Space: 312m2

Prices: from 250€ HT/ hour * or from 40€ HT/person **

Capacity :


Meeting Space

This space has a 55” CISCO Spark Board screen.

Space: 35m2

Prices: from35€ HT/ hour * or 40€ HT/person **.



Ideation Space

This space has a 65” touch screen, as well as picture rails to hang elements on the walls.
Armchairs are available.

Space: 35m2

Prices: from 35€ HT/ hour * or from 40€ HT/person **.



Terrace area

Terrace of 100m2. Tent on request.

Space: 100m2

Prices: from  500€ HT for half a day



All La Coque

This option brings together all the spaces mentioned above.

Space: 426m2

Prices: from 320€ HT* or from 40€ HT/person **